Murathène visited MakeSomeNoiz, in the margin of Erasmus+ Youth Exchange program. Kids from both projects worked together with a refugee children’s choir and finally, presented a beautiful performance in Souzy Tros, an open space made by refugees of the Elaionas Refugee Camp in Athens on the 20th of April 2019. The youth exchange experience offered kids the chance of getting to know each other,  realize the results of collaboration, respect and promote culture diversity. But most of all, it implied the possibility of meeting again.

Murathène is a project held by informal groups of young people and supported by many actors based around the city of Murat, in the region of Cantal in France and in Athens, Greece.

Music, is a catalyst for identity, for the particular and the common allows the achievement of oneself and the possibility of living together “beyond the borders” thanks to sharing, practise and intercultural works.

Murathènes project’s desire is to confront people to societal issue such as tolerance and openness to the other, minorities integration – young people from the outskirts of the cities, refugees, isolated or marginalised people – promotion of the territories and of the cultural heritage, fight against social exclusion, young people commitment or sustainable development.

Thanks to intercultural exchange, these young people will share their musical culture, their traditions, their inspirations and productions, think about the part of both common and individual cultures, discover new cultural horizons, enjoy musical, artistic moments in a pleasant and convivial atmosphere.